8.1 Gantt Chart

Viewing tasks in black and white cannot give that much info at a glance but viewing Tasks through Gantt chart is way better for understanding and task allocation.

Viewing Gantt Chart for Project Tasks

  1. Login UNItekTIME with a user which has Gantt View/Edit Permission from Admin Options > Role Permissions
  2. Navigate to Projects and search for the project of which Gantt View is required
  3. Click the Options gear icon against the Project and click Gantt option
Through Gantt, User can add new tasks, allocate resources, its utilization and can make changes in the existing tasks.
It will automatically update the tasks and its changed details including Task Team.

Changing Task Start / End Date:

Click on Start/End Date in the required Task and change it to the required date.

Resource Allocation:

Double Click on the required task. Task Editing Window will pop-up. You can Add/Remove new resource and allocate hours for the same in this window.