11.03 Holidays

UNItekTIME provides few pre-defined holidays type such as US, UK etc. An administrator can define the holidays as per their organization rules & region by creating new Holiday Type. An administrator can create Holiday Types with different configurations and can assign these types separately to each individual employee. An administrator can also select Default US Holiday or delete it and create new Holiday Type. Following settings can be configured using Holiday options available in UNItekTIME.

Assigning pre-defined/newly created Holidays to Employees

  1. Login UNItekTIME with Admin rights.
  2. Click Admin Options and scroll to Timesheet Setup.
  1. Click Holidays icon.
  1. In the Holidays screen that appears:
    1. Enable check on the Holiday Type which you want to assign to your employees (only enable those types which you want to assign to your employees. They will reflect in Employees page for selection).
    2. Click Update button.
  1. Navigate to Employees Link on the Left-top of the application.
  1. Search for the employee to whom you want to assign the Holiday Type and click Options gear icon.
    1. Select Edit Employee.
  1. In the Edit Employee screen that appears:
    1. Navigate to Advance Tab.
    2. Select the Type from the Holiday Type Field.
    3. Click Update button.