16.04 Understanding Formula Columns

16.04 Understanding Formula Columns

UNItekTIME allows 5 formula fields in every report data source. A user can enter their own custom formula for these columns. And they can perform other reports functions like grouping, calculations (sum etc) and show in reports.

A typical case for Formula Columns:

Billing departments want to submit client billing reports with 10% extra overhead charges. UNItekTIME administrator then decided to [customize] [Task Billing By Projects/Clients] in [Billing Reports] category.
Report before customization:

Here are the steps required to be followed for customizing [Task Billing By Projects/Client] report:
  1. Click on [My Reports] to launch [My Reports] page.
  2. Click on [Customize] link of report [Task Billing By Projects/Clients] in [Billing Reports] category.
  3. Click on [Next] in [Report Definition Information] wizard step.
  4. In [Report Data Selection] wizard step: follow these steps to customize [Task Billing By Project/Clients] reports to achieve above-mentioned requirements.
    1. Check on [FormulaField1] and update its caption to [Overhead Charges].
    2. Select [Sum] in [Show Summary] dropdown of [FormulaField1].
    3. Enter formula for calculating 10% of Amount: Amount * 10 / 100.
    4. Check on [FormulaField2] and update its caption to [Net Billing Amount].
    5. Select [Sum] in [Show Summary] dropdown of [FormulaField2].
    6. Enter formula for sum of original amount field and calculated [Overhead Charges]: Amount + FormulaField1.
    7. Click on [Next] to update these changes.
  5. Click on [Finish] button in final wizard step [Column and Group order].
  6. Now a new report will be created with name [Task Billing By Projects/Clients Customized]

  7. Clicking on this report in [My Reports] will show UNItekTIME customized report with two additional column [Overhead charges] and [Net billing Amount]
  8. Click on [Permissions] link to give this customized reports to your required Roles.